A new adventure… Week 1

A new adventure starts, no, it’s not a New Year’s Resolution, it is education! I have finally decided to become a chef… or something along those lines. As soon as I know I will most definitely  tell you. All I know is that I love food, I love making it, sharing it, looking at it, shopping it, and most definitely eating it. Whilst consuming my current meal I will always start planning the next meal. I could have conversation about what dishes would work or should be tried, should never be tried, and I daydream about what I want to cook. On my way home now I was planning the meal and the steps I am going to follow to make this meal. Like I always say… If eating is something I have to do every to stay alive… Then why not make every meal amazing?!


My first day at class… I was slightly annoyed and discouraged when I saw all the rules there are to be followed. No, I do not really like rules, definitely not to follow them either, although I understand why they are there. I must also admit that I had been working quite hard with very little sleep for the previous 3 weeks and been living out of a suitcase and carrying heavy bags, so to land at 8AM and then directly going to class was not the best idea… but that’s how things turned out and I was not going to miss out on the first day.

Other than my slight negativity and tiredness (and the fact that I am probably the oldest student in the class), it is a strange transition to go from relaxed freelancer to a fully disciplined student… I knew I was going to have trouble with this one. How am I managing this?

1. I am cutting my hair short so that it is a lot easier to wash and able to wash it more often, plus all fits into the hat (of course). I have threatened to cut it off the whole of last year so it is not completely because of the college.

2. I ironed my uniform and realised… it isn’t that difficult to iron, plus when I have my steamer it will be so much more fun.

3. I have decided that I too want to share in this pride that the chefs have, yes, mentally I have decided that I will be proud about what I wear (and it kinda feels good).

4. I bought a shoeshine kit that’s the easiest kit ever!

I know it is going to become challenging when I need to get the stains out of my uniforms… luckily in week 1 I have not yet needed to. I’m also considering whether I should dry clean weekly or weekly struggle… Work smart, not hard.


This was exciting! We started the day off with planting our little plants. Mine was Tobias the Tomato. We got our knives… Something else that requires discipline and respect (it all comes down to respect)!

My 2nd day I felt more into the game, probably helps that I slept well in my own bed. What made this day more exciting was being told that we are starting in the kitchen on our third day… that quickly?! Awesome!

This day was also more relaxed between the students and my age gap didn’t seem to matter that much.


I came to the college with the mindset that I know nothing about cooking, and, especially baking. I was right… the bread rolls I made… tasted bland! Clearly there’s much to be learnt, but then again, that’s why I’m here.


Never catch a falling knife!!!!!!

Yes, we were told this on day 2 but as I was chopping away (very unprofessionally) there was a split second my knife wanted to meet the floor and I refused… But don’t worry, I did survive my first week without injury (other than having a thorn in my finger when we planted our veggies on day 2, oh, BTW, my tomato’s name is Tobias).

Yes, day 4 I learnt that my knife skills were bad, not shocking, not impressive, just bad. Chef did make me feel a bit better when I told him that I can’t and he corrected me by saying ‘not yet!’

This being my 4th time studying and surviving high-school and teaching for a year, I have seen and experienced the difference a good (and horrible) teacher makes.

Slowly I ‘chopped’ my julienne carrots, dice potatoes, and trying to make carrot and potato balls. Slowly! We were told that there’s only 45 min left to make our stir-fry so I wasn’t worried, stir-fry doesn’t take that long, especially with julienne veggies.

My week ended with a ‘Tastes good’ from chef, except that I could use some salt (I don’t like salt).


What to remember from this week:

Never catch a falling knife

Always taste your food

You are not cooking for yourself

Skills take time!

It all comes down to respect.

Sunday evening :

I tried my knife skills that we learnt in the week… I failed.

The veggies did taste good, and with some ostrich, delicious combination!

Looking forward to this week’s baking and really hope Tobias is alive.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    What a fun read!


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